it’s hard waiting.

at the doctor’s office.

at the auto repair shop.

for the big day.

on the package to arrive.

on that app to load.

on the Lord.

I’ve been on that last one for a while now. It’s hard. It stretches your faith. You don’t know what’s next. Fear, doubt, panic can set in. Did I mention it’s hard? You want to take things into your own hands because you see opportunities in front of you. But you know those opportunities aren’t the right thing. You can sense the Lord isn’t there. There’s no peace in them. Then people think you’re crazy because you passed up what seemed to be the perfect opportunity.

But when things come together, and you’ve been patient and followed HIm, then you get an amazing opportunity to see as God has seen. When you look back at how and when things came together during the waiting season, you are getting a glimpse of what God saw all along while you were waiting. Can you imagine the excitement He must have during our waiting season? The excitement of knowing how everything will fall into place and the anticipation of watching your amazement as it all unfolds.

Maybe He likes to adjust the time-space continuum and watch it in slow motion for that extra dramatic effect, so to us it feels like eternity. Maybe He wants this to be a time where we come to know Him like never before. Maybe He wants us to realize how much we should depend on Him daily, and how much we don’t when things are going well physically and financially (you know – that whole daily bread thing…) Maybe waiting on Him is actually worship, where you express frustrations, doubt, trust, and faith in a season where you are left completely exposed and you have no other choice but to go to the Provider and…